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Zoology is the branch of the biological sciences that focuses on the study of animal life. Major themes include comparative anatomy, diversity, reproduction, development, behavior, evolution, and the relationship between form and function. Successful completion of freshman Biology is a prerequisite for students intending to enroll in zoology.

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Physical science is a freshman class that provides an introduction basic skills and concepts applicable to all the sciences. This includes measurements, units, the scientific method, data analysis, graphing, etc. Emphasis is placed on the physics and chemistry that form the foundation for all other science courses taken at Pacific High School. Kid with hair standing on end.

This course is an introduction to the core concepts of modern biology. These include the cell theory, cellular anatomy / physiology, cell reproduction, genetics, DNA & protein synthesis, natural selection, evolution, and taxonomy. The course ends with an independent research project and presentation during finals week.

Students who take this course will understand the application of biology to the world they live in and in their own lives. Leaves and Grass

Chemistry is considered to be the central science and is a suggested prerequisite for Human Anatomy / Physiology and Marine Science. Students should have already taken Algebra 1 before attempting this class. This course deals with the topics of atomic structure, the periodic table, ions, molecular bonding, reactions, stoichiometry, solutions, and acids & bases, to name a few.

Students who compete the course will be well prepared for further advanced science courses, college chemistry, and appreciate the relevance of chemistry to daily life in theCrystalline Molecule modern world.

Marine Science offers students and introduction to marine biology and oceanography. It is considered an advanced class and students should have taken Biology and Chemistry prior to attempting this class. Topics of discussion include a survey of marine organisms, marine food webs and ecology, possible dissections, the chemistry and physics of sea water, and physical geography if the sea basins.Baby Ridley's Sea Turtles heading out to sea.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in several field studies as a required part of the class. We provide laboratory services for Surf Riders local water quality monitoring program and work with ODFW to conduct a survey of clam populations in the Red Rocks Marine Reserve. 

The class also builds small light-weight ROV's as a class project.

Anatomy / Physiology introduces the student to a detailed study of the structure and functions of the cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems of the human body with an emphasis on medical terminology and laboratory practice. The class is tailored to those anticipating careers in medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, or other related health professions. There is a significant online component to this class and students enrolling must expect to spend significant time online outside of class to do well. We have a partnership with Eastern Oregon University that provides the opportunity to earn certification in HIPPA and Universal Precautions as a part of this class.Leonardo DaVinci's Vetruvian Man